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How to get to Naschmarkt

From the Airport

The cheapest way is by the ordinary railway or "S-Bahn", you take a train headed for Floridsdorf, which leaves every 30 minutes until you reach the Wien-Mitte station.  From there change to the U-Bahn or underground railway, the metro, and take the U4 line to Karlsplatz which is right at the end of the Naschmarkt.  If you need the other end of Naschmarkt you may choose the Kettenbr├╝ckengasse Station which has entrance right in the carpark of the market.  Each person will need a Vienna Zone 100 ticket as well as a VOR ticket for a total of 3.60 euro.

Most convenient way of course is by taxi.  The fees are by negotiation or by a flat rate and are not recorded on a meter.  For a small taxi the prices should be less than 30 Euros.

From Kohlmarkt

The other great Market of Vienna is the "Coal market", though of course these days little relating to Coal is sold there, but rather this is the place to find Cartier, Giorgio Armani, Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vuitton with the green dome of Hofburg in the distance overlooking Michaelerplatz.  Iit is an easy 15 minute walk from Kohlmark to Naschmarkt through interesting streets.

First face towards Michaelerplatz, you can see the green dome of Hofburg to guide you here, and walk into the platz which is roughly round.  Go to the right and walk under the archway on Reitschulgasse and continue straight on , walking along the edge of the next square. Until you go through the narrow street and out beyond into Augustinerstrasse with it's small green park. Stay to the right here walking beside the cafe's and the Albertina entrance with it's modern overhanging roof, stay on the street level and do not go up the stairs.

Continue onto Opengasse which is a wide main road with much traffic. Continue on for 3 blocks when you will see the green Karlsplatz trees on your right but continue onwards on the left of Friedrichstrasse pas the gold domed Succession on your right, then across the road ahead and to left you can see the beginning of the Nascmarkt.



Originally a fresh produce market the Naschmarkt today is a key open dining area. So whether you want to sit, eat, and people-watch, or buy ready-made dishes to take away, or fresh produce to create your own culinary masterpieces this is the place to visit

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