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Vienna Hotels Near Naschmarkt

Being a major destination for visitors from all over the world the city of Vienna is very well equipped with all manner of hotels, hostels and apartments to rent.

Near the Naschmarkt itself there are fewer choices but from this small selection it will certainly be possible to find something to your liking.


Drei Kronen Hotel City - Renovated only 5 years ago this is a historic building first constructed in 1897 by the Art Nouveau architect Ignaz Drapala.. Now run by the small local chain Adler.  The closest to the actual market. website

Carlton Opera - A modern clean basic hotel in a historic building this is close to the Opera house, hence the name. website

Kolping Wien Zentral - Only two star but an interesting modern hotel in a modern building if you are tired of 19th century architecture! website

Hotel Beethoven Wien - Just north of the market a hotel dedicated to Beethoven!  Designed to give a historic Viennese experience this 4 star hotel is in a Neo-renaissance style building built in 1902. website


Viennaresidence - More than 350 modern and elegantly furnished apartments in Vienna, some of them are located close to famous Naschmarkt. It's possible to rent the apartments from one week to several months or even years. Simply choose between a studio apartment or a bigger accommodation with one or more bedrooms. All flats are equipped with everything you need flat screen TV, laundry machine, towels, bed linen and much more. website

WANZ'inn Design Appartements - A self-catering apartment with basic kitchenette is a great place to stay if you want to take full advantage of the produce available in the market to enjoy in the peace of your own mini apartment! website



Wombats City Hostel at The Naschmarkt - The only true Hostel on the market itself is "Wombats", a strange name for a very good clean hostel.  Note they have three branches in the city so ensure you are booking the Naschmarkt branch. website

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