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Food Stalls at the Naschmarkt

Of course the main reason for most people to visit the Naschmarkt are the food stalls.  This is the greatest central market in Vienna for buying fresh foods and vegetables.  Not just purely raw ingredients to take home but also prepared foods such as cheeses, sausages and stuffed olives.  The range is truly amazing and in the last 20 years it has grown from just produce and styles local to Austria and Vienna but to become a truly international mix.

Each of the little food stalls or "Huts" in the market offers a different style or variation in the styles.  You will find traditional Kraut on Naschmarkt sold from a wooden barrel in the age old fashion.  But you will also find cutting edge fusion mixes from Italian, Japanese or Moroccan delis.  Flavors such as Wasabi Hummus might be exotic elsewhere but in Naschmarkt they are just one of the many options.

Along the length of the market, which is more than one kilometer, there are basically three rows of stalls.  One is reserved for the restaurants and bars where you can sit and eat. But the other two are for stalls where you can buy food to take home, or to take on a picnic perhaps if you are a visitor.


The fruits and vegetables on display are all of an exceptionally high quality, this is after all the main fresh produce market of a very selective city, and only the best will be considered by customers here.

Prepared hors d'oeuvres etc are common here and a whole selection of tiny tasty items can be purchased for a very reasonable sum.

Specialist vendors also have cooking oils, vinegars and sweets on offer.  Many are hand made in the area so try some specialties of the country you may have not tried before.


Originally a fresh produce market the Naschmarkt today is a key open dining area. So whether you want to sit, eat, and people-watch, or buy ready-made dishes to take away, or fresh produce to create your own culinary masterpieces this is the place to visit

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