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Wiener Prater

This large public park is sandwiched between the river Danube and the Danube Kanal and houses a wide range of different activities. Visit to enjoy a boat trip, to visit the amusement park, to play golf or simply to imagine what it must have been like in the 18th Century when it was first opened to the public.


While the precise details of its medieval origin are shrouded in debate there is no doubt that it was Emperor Joseph II who in 1766 declared the previously private hunting park of the nobility to be an open space for the general public.

Quickly filling with coffee houses and cafes the parks roads were widened to encourage visiting, but heavily wooded areas remained and it was not until the 1920s that hunting was finally stopped in the Prater.

Getting There

There is a U Bahn station right outside the park area called Praterstern next to the western end which houses the amusement park. Both the U2 and the U1 line go there so it is easy to reach from Naschmarkt.  The path of the U1 line is straighter and hence that is less stops and it is recommended if going to the amusement park.

However the U2 line has the advantage that is continues along the edge of the park for several stations and so if for example you wish to visit the swimming complex at Stadionbad then the best station Donaumarina which is five more stops along the U2 line. Do not however go beyond that though as the line then crosses the river and moves away from the park.


Wurstelprater - The green park which is the majority of the prater area and still has echoes of the imperial hunting park which was its origin.

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Golfclub Freudenau - Occupying the eastern portion of the Prater this full size golf course

Giant Ferris Wheel -

Madame Tussauds - Located right next to the amusement park

Vienna Harnes Clubb - Founded in 1874 this horse riding club is still giving lessons today and allows the city children to experience this traditional Austrian pass time.

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Originally a fresh produce market the Naschmarkt today is a key open dining area. So whether you want to sit, eat, and people-watch, or buy ready-made dishes to take away, or fresh produce to create your own culinary masterpieces this is the place to visit

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